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5/∞ pictures of lee jieun

5/ pictures of lee jieun

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It's painful. It's heavy.

It's painful. It's heavy.

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Mar 29

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1. Top 5 Favorite K-pop groups? 

I know that EXO and Block B are my faves, I don’t really have any other groups! Or any that I can think of right now.

2. Ultimate Male Bias?

ZHANG YIXING. I think anyone who knows me will know that he is my husband hehehe.

3. Ultimate Female Bias?

Well shizz that’s a hard question. I think it would have to be Yuri. 

4. Quick! name the first 3 songs that pop into your head!

Hyorin - I Choose To Love You

EXO - Christmas Day

Timethai - Blame It On Me

5. Which drama are you currently watching?


6. Which country would you love to travel to? Why?

I would love to go to New Macedonia or the Maldives!! Those places look so beautiful and very tropical so I wanna go!

7. Recommend a few songs?

Ah man. All of Timethai’s songs are GREAT. So are WAii’s. But if I had to suggest some I would say Whatever by WAii is a really good song. As for Timethai, either The End of Blame It On Me. 

8. What got you into K-pop?

My friend at the time got me into K-Pop. DBSK got me into K-Pop with their song Why Did I Fall In Love With You? Even though that song was Japanese LOL. Also, SS501, Super Junior, Big Bang and F.T. Island got me hoooked!

9. Are you craving anything at the moment?

Maybe fries lol. I’m just really hungry right now.

10. U know what time it is?

Idk if there was supposed to be some answer to this lolol. It’s 9:46PM right now!

11. Favorite feature in the opposite sex?

I seriously have no clue. Maybe their teeth/smile. 

Yay! Okay, my questions now.

1. Who is your favorite band atm?

2. Ultimate otp!

3. What is your timezone?????

4. Do you like sleeping on a soft mattress or hard?

5. What was the first K-Pop song you heard?

6. How long have you had your Tumblr for?

7. Do you like rainy/cold weather or sunny/hot weather?

8. Do you like Korean food? If so, what is your favorite? If you don’t, what dish do you hate and why do you dislike it?

9. Does your legs get numb easily while sitting criss cross applesauce????

10. Do you like putting your hair in a ponytail or do you like to keep it down? 

11. If you have ever been in a relationship, how long was your longest?

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Mar 27

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Mar 15

On the max last night combing back home from Beaverton.

On the max last night combing back home from Beaverton.

Mar 11

Just read a really sad kaisoo fic that got me crying. 😢 I love angst/sad stories because on the inside I’m truly an emotional wreck.

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